by Greg Boring

Denuder 02:56
Huh 05:30
Alvin 02:35
About Time 01:37
Night Move 07:33


Orginally released on Cyprus Hillsong in 2012

LP version issued on Critical Heights in February 2013


Its the second truly expressionist idea of rock n roll. Make a band around you, give it your name, and then disappear. - Greg Boring


released February 12, 2012


Greg Boring played synth, casio, drum machine, bass , casio, synth, vox, drum machine, bass, synth

recorded / mixed by Joel at Cyprus Hill

What people have said about Greg Boring

"The Citizen Kane of consciously shitty backyard punk bands." Mess and Noise

"Is this a ridiculously pretentious art statement, a knowing pastiche of ridiculously pretentious art statements, or both?" Louder than War

"Greg Boring are so schtum about themselves that for all we know the band might be the brain child of an ageing, single man from Latvia." Hi! Magazine

"This band sounds very aware of its unimportance and inconsequentiality." Crawlspace

"A waltzer ride on opiates while some chubby dude is trying to push your ride off its stand." Fluid Radio

"An uncomplicated and perverse dose of WTF" Penny Black Music

"Some albums are seemingly critic-proof." Right track Wrong Speed

"May or may not be musicians." Blurt

“I like boring things." Andy Warhol

"32 minutes later I have no recollection of hearing this." Sounds XP

"Just typing the title of this shambolic experiment in somniferous contempt alone has already taken up far too much of my time." God is in the TV

"A musical malfunctioning vacuum cleaner that has attained the ability to coo breathy oddities." Permanent Records

"Ignore Greg Boring’s dodgy name." Financial Times

"Dud of the week." The Sunday Times

"An organic sort of ghost in the machine." See Sound

"Greg Boring play keys not of ebony and ivory but of brown and brown." Drowned in Sound

"Most likely Granny won't be amused." Shout 4 Music

"There is no beginning or end in the process of ingestion and metabolism: the certainty that perpetuates poor digestion will lead, inevitably, to an intense sense of disorientation, treatable only with another sip of syrup." Ondo Rock

"Greg Boring are neither Greg nor Boring." Collapse Board

"Like a drunk trying to walk a straight line." Indie Ray

"If you need to move from your room to the fridge, do it with Greg Boring. You would drag to navigate in a slow rocking motion, I would suggest things along the way, and by understanding the beauty you'll be delighted, you will see things, you'll do things, then you will come to the fridge." Deerwaves

"Though there are probably other discs that are more confusing, obtuse and inaccessible, this writer certainly hasn’t heard it." Made of Chalk

"Seems a bit pointless." Vibrations Magazine

"No." KPC Music Blog

"More bands should try to feign injuries through music." Diffused Frequencies




Cyprus Hillsong Brisbane, Australia

all enquiries joel@otherfilm.org

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